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Greg Herlean

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Greg Herlean

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Greg Herlean

Greg Herlean has spent the last ten years focused on growth opportunities and wealth accumulation through real estate vehicles. His aptitude for business has afforded him the opportunity to provide management direction, capital restructuring, investment research analysis, business projection analysis and capital acquisition services. He has personally managed over $500 million in real estate transactions. He has flipped 450 homes and 2,000 apartment units. He has also purchased and sold nine hotels. When he founded Horizon Trust, a New Mexico based custodial company, Greg took his mission of educating Americans on the power of self directed accounts to new heights. At Horizon Trust, his experience and in-depth knowledge of Self Directed IRA industry market dynamics are frequently leveraged and employed. Moreover, it allows Greg to educate and empower self directed investors each and every day. Greg is also a sought after platform speaker on the topics of estate planning, capital development and investment growth through use of Self Directed IRA vehicles. These speaking engagements allow him to share his expertise with others who are interested in obtaining greater financial security. He currently resides in Las Vegas, where he is an active member of the community. Greg is a devoted family man who relishes any opportunity to spend time and enjoy life with his wife, Kristy, and their four beautiful children. Greg is a University of Phoenix graduate with a B.S. in business administration.


Many people just plan, plan, and plan without taking action. Greg Herlean plans AND takes action. Since I have known him, Greg has started two successful trust companies and funded numerous real estate projects. He gets things done and has a passion to educate others how to make money as well. Greg will teach you how to become the bank!

David Lovett
CEO Blue Circle America

The education you gave me about my investments was priceless and I never knew that I would have this passive income available to me for retirement

Stan Dowdy